Thursday, February 28, 2008

What happened to Wednesday HNT?

Man, it just seems like life is whizzing by. I cannot believe it's HNT time already. In fact, HNT is nearly over, but I thought today was Wednesday!
Of course, I don't have anything ready, so here is a fun pic of my shoulders. I don't know how the heck I took this picture!
Happy Birthday to all of you born today. So, what are you now? 6 or 7? LOL! I knew this kid in elementary school and while we were all 11 or 12, he had celebrated only 3 actually February 29th's ...something like that...
Happy HNT, everyone!


Bunny said...

Better late than never!


Kittie Kate said...

It's a cool picture. You did a good job.

But how did you take it?

Happy HNT!

Blissfully Wed said...

Yet another angle of you. Yet another picture of absolute beauty.

Happy 29th!

Mina Lamieux said...

dam this is such a sexy shot! HHNT

barman said...

Most unusual but sexy picture there Susie. Gotta love the hair.

My bosses boss if a Feb 29 birthday. I think she is something like 14 or 15 now. I wonder if she will be able to drink legally before she dies?

I posted a 55 this week oh talented one.

Polt said...

Hehehe, it is indeed a fun pic! Who knew shoulders could be so much fun?

And I played 55 Fiction Fridays today as well. :)


Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

Love shoulder photos! HHNT!

Charles said...

I know a guy born on Feb 29th, also.
I've played this week, and I even took it a few steps further and did some for the future, but I may just post them before Friday.
55s are fun.

Breazy said...

My pastors wife's birthday is today, Friday Feb. 29. In her lifetime she has only had 13 actual birthdays, she is 51 I think.

I know what you mean when you say life is whizzing by, until my surgery in November I was busy all the time and it is good to be busy but sometimes it sucks because you feel out of tune with everyone and everything around you.

Good luck to you Ms. Susie and just remember to stop and rest now and then!

Naughty Endevours said...

That's still half nekkid isn't it??

Just popped by from Views from the Back Row.

James Goodman said...

That's a great pic. HHNT!!! :D

TorAa said...

This week, it's understandable why HNT is avoided by men. They do prepare for the frightening Leap Year Day.

I'v posted from my bunker. Food brought in yesterday. My hair looks like hell, I'm painted my skin white and pink with lot's of wrinkles, and a warning outside: Need at least a ton of Viagra to function - and you ahve to pay.
So far, no knocking on the bunker-door.
But, I did forget the small window. OMG. They are all over. Like Birds. So I smuggled in my Cat. She did the job. JC - a female Cat.
Out, out , have no food for you. here - pushh pushh.
And then HNT - puuuh - how much can a man - I say no more

ps. Everything I wrote is pure fantasy and can under no circumstances etc etc

happy weekend

BTExpress said...

I for one don't care how you took this picture, but I am very glad you did. This one HOT! It sows so little, but then insinuates so much. I love it.

Little Wing said...

sensual, nice shot!

Seamus said...

Love that down shot!!! HHNT Susie! :)

Keyser Soze said...

I am March 1st but WAS born on a leap year. Missed it by THAT much! Dammit! HHNT!

myrtle beached whale said...

I came looking for 55 Fiction Friday. No one wants to see me even half naked. Not a pretty thing. You would have to change HNT to WTF?

lime said...

well shucks i am even later in getting here. great shot however you took it.

oh, and no need for the poisoned candies ;)