Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Recap

On our way to deliver pies. We didnt wear red and green on purpose. No, really! Cats kno that the papur is bettur than the giffs!
Hello folks. I hope you had a swell time with your relatives and there was no coal in your stocking. I am so happy to announce that at my last visit to the chiropractor, something good happened and I am feeling like 95% better! Instead of taking advil constantly like I have in the past three weeks, I am down to taking it just a couple times a day. Perhaps it was that gadget he strapped around my chin and then pulled really hard. I felt my neck pop a couple of times, and maybe after that I was even a skoshe taller. I just hope that horrible pain does not come back, I have had enough, thank you.
We had a totally mellow and fun Christmas day. It was a little weird being around here instead of Bangalore, but I enjoyed it. We were pretty grateful for the simple way we chose to celebrate, just the three of us, for when we surprised our friends by barging over on Christmas morning with a blackberry pie, we found the mama of the house standing in the hallway in tears. Apparently, her big sister had once again sabotaged the family get together so that she could have it "her way." After some necessary comforting of the mama, Mr Ratburn, Little Rita and I then went out looking for some cheeseburgers and fries, but got no results, so we headed home and made our own.
Later on, Mr Ratburn and I got a chance to check out the ice shot glasses, my absolutely favorite gift which you see in the photo above. Ok, I admit, I am a little more than excited about the ice glasses in the video, but I just can't help it, they are so dang cool! And, you will see I am trying not to be too loud, it's about 3 am and our yurt is not soundproof! (Goodness knows what the neighbors have heard through the walls of the yurt!) Just more crazy drinking exploits....

PS Doncha just hate it when you wish someone "Happy Holidays" because you want to include whatever it is they celebrate and they come back with a slightly rude "MERRY CHRISTMAS", as if that is the ONLY celebration that matters, and darn it, they want you to know it! Or that it doesn't matter to them that we have Kwanzaa, Hannukah and Winter Solstice all at the same time as Christmas and some of those things might matter to some of us?
Merry Whatever!



lime said...

it sounds like you had fun and i am glad you could provide some needed comfort to a pal in crisis mode. those ice shots are pretty funky.

happy christmakwanzakkuh!

barman said...

I love it. Ice shots sound like a good time to me. I have a problem with people calling a Christmas tree a Holiday tree. Other than that I am becoming more and more aware that not everyone celebrates Christmas and there are other special happenings this time of year. I allways try to be inclusive of everyone when possible.

I love your video. I can see you would be a fun person to party with.

G-Man said...

You "invented" this drink?
Nice job Edison!

Anonymous said...

I personally am taking the Christ out of Christmas again this year, so I'm glad you had a Merry Mas, and wish you a Happy New Year, too.
Thanks for showing the ice shot glasses. I had never heard of those.

S said...

LOL Gman, I knew you were calling me on that one. Ok, I have never actually had a boiler maker so I didnt know that I was making an reverse boiler maker in which the shot glass goes in before the other beverage!

Sorrreeeee Boss, I just got a little Al Goreish about it! :P

It is fun though!

AndyT13 said...

Mmmm Rumplemintz 151 chilled to below freezing and consumed immediately (and repeatedly) in a 104 degree hot tub on a cold winter's night...sigh...

Happy Christmakkuh! And a Merry New Year! If you want some fun Etsy shopping why not try ?
Her Etsy has yummy watercolors and such. You will like. Promise.
Big love!

Anonymous said...

Oh Holy Smokes! Those ice glasses look so fun! Where did you get then?

I was also checking out those Skull Bloomers! Wow! Fun! You made those?

Amazing Ms Susie!

X&O's Bella!

Breazy said...

Hey Susie, I hope y'all have a Blessed New Year!

Mona said...

Happy New Year to Susie & Family including Gupta ji

Amber said...

Hey I have an ice shot kit too. Got it for x-mas, I haven't used it yet, maybe I'll use it tonight....hmmm.