Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Portrait

I haven't had time to fiddle with my camera in awhile been in the mood to smile pretty for the camera so today you get what's inside my head. As if you didn't know, I always have India on my mind, especially images of mahouts standing in the festering Yamuna! (My apologies, Monaji.)
Karen sent me this picture, cannot remember where it came from,but I just adore it.
And here's another favorite of mine, also from Karenji.
I would normally be in India already this time of year, so I am missing it. I cannot imagine wanting to trek around with this neck pain, though. I have 7 weeks to get rid of it!

Have a lovely day!



barman said...

Oh such lovely pictures, each in their own way. I think we are going to have to put you on that rack after all. That or get you one of those neck colars to imobalize your neck. That should be cute!

Breazy said...

love the pictures. I hope your neck feels better soon.
Have a good weekend! :)

lime said...

i'm glad you're not travelling in the amount of pain you have right now. i hope your right as rain when you go in february.

Mona said...

That picture is fabulous despite the festering Yamuna!

Susie? you have a painful neck? I am so sorry to hear that!

Anonymous said...

Nice Pics, Susie.

Neck pain- Ugh. I have a pain in my neck, but somehow I feel its a different pain.

Hee hee.

CozyMama said...

wonderful. nice to see you are still out there traveling and snapping pics. (you know me as Jodes)

Photocat said...

So sorry about the neck least you did not get 12 inches of snow and counting - but you probably love snow :) You will be there soon! hugs

G-Man said...

Take 5 hits and call me in the morning....:p

Anonymous said...

Really a great picture Sue! No wonder you miss your trip and believe me; I so much enjoy your post about it - so go again sooooooon :-)

Btw: Happy Holiday Season to you and your family!

Evalinn said...

Wow, what a pic!