Monday, May 25, 2009

Cat On A Hot Tinum, Rubber or erm, Vinyl Roof

Uh oh!

Well perhaps, I'll just enjoy the sunset until I can figure out how to get down....sigh...

Happy Tuesday to you all. I know I'm not much of a blogger lately. I just don't have much to report. Sewing, cleaning, and all that end of the year stuff. Seems like every day there's another permission slip to be signed and returned to school with a check attached, a costume to make, a dessert to bake, a plane ticket to buy, a dress to sew, a bathroom to clean, an empty refridgerator needing to be filled, a cat to deskunk, a car to debird poop! I'm telling you, I'm working my arse off around here!
Much to the unhappiness of my two other family members, today, Memorial Day, was a day set aside to remember the piles of junk that have been accumulating in the corners of our house, especially in the salon de Little Rita. You know, that is the problem with a small house, stuff just gets pushed into the corners because there is nowhere else to put it, and before you know it, you've got stuff lined up three layers thick along the walls. So it's 5 pm and we have just finished the cleaning! Argh!
At least we have our lovely washer and dryer and I am happy to report, that is working out swell! It is so awesome to spill spaghetti sauce on your pants and be able to just walk out back to the "laundry camp" and wash those pants before the stain sets! Not to mention, we have been cleaning out our clothing because now that we have that washer and dryer we don't need to have so many clothes. I am loving it! Now, I have noticed that white stuff doesn't get as clean here as in the laundromat in town, probably due to the lack of chlorine in our water and goodness knows whats in the bottom of that two story well anyway! (dirt?)
Other than that, all is well, there are less than three weeks of school left and soon my peace and quiet will be gone for a couple of months. You know, I am totally fine with that as long as I don't have to clean up my sewing projects just because other people are here. I have to have all my stuff out to be inspired. In fact, I just tossed out the massive yellow DHL box that has lived in the kitchen since my last India trip. I finally used enough of the fabrics to get rid of that box.
I hope you are all well. I miss the old blogging days of 35 comments, and lots of people to catch up on their news, but the trade off is, I have money now, and that is important, and that takes time, time that I had to trade off from blogging. Oh well, it will just give me more money to travel the world and perhaps one day meet some of you.
BTW, I've just been reading over my blog and realized I've forgotten to tell you: The tickets to India are bought and paid for, madam! December 26th-January 18th, Keri and Susie, Saath (7th) year India tour!

Have a lovely week!


Unknown said...

Sometimes choices just have to be made!
Feline retrieval


Happy week!

lime said...

life marches on and we do what we must. just poke your head back in the blogosphere now and again. ;)

G-Man said...

Gupta The Yurt Climber....


I can't help the lack of comments, I'm still hanging around like a dead beat brother in law...:P

Mona said...

so much work! You must be a machine!

I saw some yurts in the Home depot and thought of you ;)

BTExpress said...

So that's what a yurt is?

Logophile said...

I think you called it, the water can make a big difference in how white your clothes come out.
It's nice to do it at home though, oh yes it is.

Thing One discovered he loves being on the roof.
Part cat?

jillie said...

Hey there Susie! Great to see you stop by ;o)

I was in SF for Bob Weir for New Years...that was an AWESOME show. Loved every minute of it and it really gave me a feel of the energy from the "true" deadheads. We are seeing them again here on the bay in SD. Outdoors where they should be seen, not at some arena...pffffft.

Yes, our four leggeds are small children in furry coats. Emmett will be sadly missed but everytime I cry, I start to laugh because of all the ways he made me smile.


Anonymous said...

it's interesting how life changes, albeit for the better, and effects your daily routime :) Cheers on the next India trip and yay for summer!!!