Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crazy Crazy Delhi

Hello everyone. OMG I just got out of the worst traffic jam of my life! We set out for the Taj Mahal today, and of course that was awesome. Saw all the standard fare, camels, elephants, etc. The Taj was lovely, of course.
Then on the way back we just got caught in the rush hour thing which is normal in Delhi. However, we saw a little boy get hit by a car tonight, and a lot of really crazy driving. I just dont get it why these people can't get a clue about having to get the brains to match the technology around here.
Let me tell you what I mean about that. Just before I left I read that a bridge under construction in Jaipur collapsed, killed 40 + people, all workers. Now, I know this is because they are too cheap to use real machines, because they can pay crap wages and work those people literally to death. To prove my point, if they had used a crane and all that sort of heavy machinery under that bridge in Jaipur, well, perhaps only the operator of the crane would have died instead of all those humans being crushed by the collapsing bridge. And, it is also my suspicion that they left out the re bar on the damn bridge because the boss decided to sell it for extra profit. I'll bet you I am not far from the truth here, and it really pisses me off.
Now, in Delhi they are building the 5th largest airport in the world, and that just scares the crap out of me because I want to know...will they leave out the re bar? How many people will die when they fuck up making that airport?
When will these people put human lives and education before needing to compete with the techno world? They are simply not ready. Integrity and honour are missing, education is missing.
And, tell me this. If you plow a highway right through a village, thereby splitting that town literally in two, then shouldn't you also build them some catwalks so they can get to the other side of their village without becoming maimed by an ambassador in the process?
And if there are 1.33 billion people in India, why are there so many lazy ass men sitting around drinking tea when the garbage is piling up everywhere? Can't they just pick it up, sheesh?
Ok I know I sound frustrated and I am about that stuff, but i'm cool. I'm just making observations. I mean, I have seen so many improvements in India since I first started coming here, such as recycling bottles, spaying and neutering of their pets, and polio vaccines. (Finally, what a shame that other nations such as our own did not share their polio vaccine with the rest of the world 40 years ago. It's inexcusable that there are so many very young people here with polio.)
So tomorrow is New Years Eve. Women are not allowed to go out to parties and clubs here without men. So, I guess I am going to have to get one. Just kidding. But, we are going to see if my travel agent pal, Mubarik and his very shy brother will escort us. How ridiculous is it that a 49 year old woman needs an escort on New Years Eve? Otherwise, we're staying in the room.
I hope you are all well.
And yes, Gman, I was doing that thing all day, the very first day.
Happy New Year!

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lime said...

lots of food for thought there susie. you're in fighting spirit i can see. ;) hope you find a date.