Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sub Nava Sal From Delhi

Hello Lime, Ian and Gman, my faithful readers! ...just survived a car accident..we are ok. I am sorry I am not blogging good stuff but I am having fun despite Delhi is kicking my ass! What happened?
We were in a rickshaw and turning right...but remember we were on the other side of the street....a motorcycle came round the bend and the rickshaw and motorcycle collided. The driver of the motorcycles head was rammed into the rickshaw drivers side. The driver was dragged while the rickshaw kept was horrible. Keri was inches from being the victim of this accident and I really feel terrible about this. It is surely not what I wanted for her to experience here in this crazy and lovely place.
So I have read about what to do in this situation as a tourist and so we did what I have always known I would do. I pushed Keri out of the rickshaw, poor girl. I took a wad of money and stuffed it in the drivers pocket and I got us the hell out of there. There was nothing we could do. It wasnt our fault.
But I have to tell you all, tonight is New Years Eve, and Keri wanted to go out dancing. I knew this wasn't a good idea but I was gonna do it for her. Now she doesn't wanna go thank god.

So I dont want you all worry! I have been here 7 times and I am cool. I got a lot of really cool bedspreads today and some awesome jackets too. It's just that India is good and bad and good and bad and good and bad all at once. I love it. CAN THESE PEOPLE JUST BE MORE FUCKING CAREFUL WITH EACH OTHER? My god, the lack of respect for their own safety is ridiculous. So far this is a rant tour...but what the hell.
I just want to screammmmmmmm!
PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ARSES YOU STUPID IGNORANT INDIAN FUCKS. This is my blog I can cuss if I want. The three of you will understand!
Happy New Year to all of you!


lime said...

gads, that is just scary. i'm glad you and your friend weren't injured but worry about the guy who was. be safe.

Unknown said...

OMG sister, what a crazy time you r having, it sounds like a scene out of a movie, I can just see you jamming money in the drivers pocket, grabbing keri's hand and running down an alley or dodging into a store.....Sounds like whiskey is in store for tonights party in the room.....I'm glad you two r ok...r u ? b parting tonight, bailey is coming over, karaoke, drinking should b fun... Love you