Friday, October 13, 2006

55Flash Fiction Friday


If I wrote fifty-five words about you
fat round orange pumpkins
red grand old barn
dry earth spent hard

If I gave you what you wanted ~ told of your shameless beauty

Flaunted your colors

If I even forced loved ones to cooperate

...used false replicas to further my fall

Would you then become my 55?
Ok what are you waiting for? I know blogger sucks, but you can still write a 55!


Logophile said...

You unscrupulous modifier!
I love it, you just keep getting better.

Anonymous said...

Great prose, I've played again, but need to raise my game.

Great colours in the pictures too!

lime said...

lovely susie! i didn't do a 55 today but i sure loved yours. great pics and words!

jillie said...

I love your post! It's making me homesick for the WI fall colors.

Stephanie said...

Awesome 55!! You are the queen!! Love the pics too.

ttfootball said...

Great pics...I need to rent a car and go driving through New England

Anonymous said...

Aww.. That was gorgeous Ms Susie! Thank you for the inspiring Fall words

Anonymous said...

Beautiful 55...although i'm not sure how it's done or when, or who participates...i'm new over here amongst you crazy and wonderful women. I did love the that yer angel? sweet pic...oh, and i read about the orange sweater and quite liked is a romantic story...i've never had a special garment for that long...or fit in one for that long!

Anonymous said...

That? Is a great 55 Suse. You are getting really good at this. Way to go! Have a good weekend babe.

Gary said...

"I can't believe how dumb all those New York tourists are," said Ignatious to his new wife while he showed her around his Inn. "Every year we clear that hay field, haul a bunch of pumpkins up from New Jersey, and those New Yorkers drive up here to admire them."

RennyBA said...

Woow, what a lovely pictures and collorful fall post! All seasons has their beauties and thanks for remindig me of one of them.
Have a lovely weekend:-)

Anonymous said...

Very creative, Susie... you're such a clever girl :-)

See you in a week x

Fred said...

I'm close to age 55. Every time I see that number, I get depressed. (Only kidding.)

Love the colors in the pictures. Fall is here!

The Persian said...

Such BEAUTIFUL photos, they just made me want to run outside the front door at work and roll in the leaves.