Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jodhpuri Chai Party HNT

This is a little dollhouse that I made in woodshop. It's designed after a typical home in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
Jodhpur is famous for having many houses painted the very same shade of blue.
This may be because blue is the colour of the Brahmin caste, or because the blue colour repels insects, or simply because it's more cooling.
It depends who you ask! Oh India, you crack me up so bad! *UPDATE*See comments section for another take on why the houses are blue.....
I was so excited when I discovered that I could take my pictures of Jodhpur to a paint shop, where they matched the colour perfectly! They put this little lense thing on the picture, then it told the paint mixer how much of what colour to use. I don't know about you, but I was impressed! LOL

My dollhouse looks a little lonely, don't you think? Why don't we have a tea party!

Welcome, everybody! As you can see, Logo is already here! Get another cup ready Logo, here comes BS. He's right behind you in the window!

Heh! Ok so enlarge this pic, because I want you to see the lovely Crapola that Logo sent me!
Notice the teeny gold violin, the candlesticks, and the tiny glass fruits on the table. Those are the crapolas! And they are really tiny! Ooh I just love tiny things!
(For those of you wondering why I'm calling it crap...we have this game we adopted, that I saw once about a year ago on another blog. We send each other stuff, then we have to make art and posts and what nots with it.)

How'd I do BS? Schadeboy?

I leave you with this limerick, I'm saree it's so bad! Har har! I wrote it with a couple other friends.....

There once was a man from Bombay

Who just didn't know what to say

when the girl from next door

caught her saree in the door

and unraveled her dress all the way.

Happy HNT everyone!
Mr Ratburns got his own kind of tea party!

If it's boobies you're looking for, check out the Hijackers! We got plenty today!


~art said...

happy hnt!! pretty cool little dollhouse you've got yourself there

lime said...

most impressive all the way around! i wanna come to the next tea party!


Anonymous said...

That is the best dollhouse I have seen all day. But I really love the blue. Reminds me of my favorite team, UNC.

S said...

Here's what my Indian pal has to say about the blue:

The simple idea is: most of the colors you see in traditional Indian houses are usually made up of calcium.. whitewash.. not very color fast.. so they add earth colors to the white dye.. in the north blue is more easily available (indigo)... in the south we mix it with red clay or molten seashells.
or you would see yellow here in Ullal for example..
...and in really old houses on the coast you will see the same blue walls with a black strip at the base.. you wouldnt believe it.. that black strip is actually waterproof.. prevents seepage.. and it is made of: Petroleum jelly.. of the primitive sort.. the tar they collect from the sea.

So there ya have it! Cool, huh?

Logophile said...

Tea for two
and two for tea...
yeah, forget that!
Come on, everyone, let's have a party!

Bsoholic said...

awesome job!

Anonymous said...

oh how fun!!!

You're getting much better at this photoshop stuff susie.


Mark Leslie said...

Enjoying the photoshop work you're doing, and can't get enough of that lovely shade of blue. Enjoy the tea party ladies (and is BS coming out of blogger retirement - did I miss something?) Happy HNT

Anonymous said...

What a great HNT!!! HHNT!

Stealth said...

*giggle* I LOVE IT!! all around goodness!

You know how to lay down the HNTS girl!

Anonymous said...

Fantastically impressive.


Anonymous said...

Too freaking cool Susie! Congrats on the loss. You're right ... we do look good. Luv ya babe. HHNT

Anonymous said...

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keda said...

ooh lovely. we love dolls houses!
brilliant crap too :)
happy hnty babe.

Suze said...

You are certainly good with your hands. A very interesting post.

Happy HNT sweetie ;)

Bare said...

I'm cracking up over the "crap"- sounds like a fun game! I do love the dollhouse- Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

:D The limerick is wonderful, and so is your dollhouse!

Happy HNT!

Isolde said...

Wow, quite amazing.
I want to come over for tea.

CozyMama said...

you are too funny!!!! Can I come too???

Leesa said...

Very cool :)

Roxi said...

That was a super awsome HNT!!!

I love your little blue house.. I think I may have to buy one.. Its super HOT!!

and wow.. I know alot more about the color of houses in india now...



Breazy said...

That is very cool ! Happy HNT!

Stephanie said...

Looks like fun ...count me in!


Spirit said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy HNT!
I am impressed with your finger works and cretaivity, but even more at the length you will go to to get a certain color :)

Jericho said...

susie it's so very cool
I'm not sure if it's the blue
it might simply be
oh, my, yesiree
that you're a doll I wanna

I'm no good at Irish things



Edtime Stories said...

Love the limmerick.......

Great pictures... I long to be an artist

Anonymous said...

That is Great!
I love the crapola

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful piece of art... ;-) and I love the reason for the blue... and the other colours... It is a very special blue.. ;-) I have the same (or so) as accent in my kitchen and dining room... ;-)
Happy HNT!

Schadeboy said...

The perspective of you sitting is perfect for the image. A little color matching (brightness and contrast, really) and you'd have it. The photo of (I'm presuming) BS in the background is well matched as far as lighting goes. Doing a slight gausian blur on the layer in which he appears will give him more depth and really make that particular edit shine. Overall, this is a great (second?) photochop. Good job! Happy HNT!

Tara Tainton said...

Very cool! Looks like a ton of fun; I love digging into all kinds of crafty stuff myself. ;)

And thank you for introducing me to your blog!


~Tim said...

very cool!


Sidewaysagain said...

Your photoshop skills seem to be advancing exponentially. "Cup o' tea, Love?"

Nice work! -SSS

The Melody Censor said...

Toooo cute! I love it!

Phain said...

and who said you don't learn anything from HNT???

E said...

Very cute. I also wanted to thank you for being such a inspiration to me with all your kind words as I've been going through my "divorce", you've really helped me out.
HHNT, you're so awesome.

Anonymous said...

Great post Susie. Made me smile. I had my room in Malaysia painted 2 shades of blue when I was a errr... a teenager! Does it really keep the insects away? Hmmm......

Happy belated HNT!

Anonymous said...

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