Monday, May 07, 2007

Not Just Another Pretty Girl In A Swan Dress.....

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This weeks tasty selection for Musical Monday is by Bjork, Venus As A Boy. I know you are all dying to know why I picked this song, especially you, Cathy. This song is a selection from Bjorks "Debut" album, which happens to be one of Rufus' all time favorite albums ever. (I can still call em albums, can't I?)
Venus As A Boy, sigh....I hope you will enjoy it.

In other news, I am back down to my regular readership of 5 faithful fans. Thank you for your dedication! many bloggers before me, it seems I now have a life and not so much time to play....check out my online store if'n ya want to, to see what I've been up to lately. No goofin' off, honest!
My Little Rita is off to a week at outdoor nature camp with her entire 5th grade class, where they will sing hike camp explore eat run play laugh...all at the ocean! Have great time, Little Rita, I know I will! :D

Have a Lovely Week People


Logophile said...

You may call them albums, absolutely.
Susie, now, without Little Rita there to take care what ARE you gonna do? Maybe you should take a vacation :D

Anonymous said...

albums is just fine my dear...!!!
you've probably heard of a band called Arctic Monkeys already, i'm not sure, but their new 'album' is pretty damn cool...check it out soon sister...!!! xxx

lime said...

you can call em albums. just don't call ME late to dinner.

and don't you dare disappear altogether, ok?

RennyBA said...

I didn't know I liked that song, but after listen to it again - I do - thanks for sharing!

Btw: Good to know your Little Rita is off to a week at 'outdoor' nature camp!! I mean he would have missed half the fun if it was indoors LoL

Anonymous said...

Well I am not really that crazy about Bjork but my fiancé likes her very much!

Breazy said...

Hey girl! How have you been lately? I have been good but busy as usual.

Jerrster said...

I read...I'm just a jackass lazy bones about commenting and I should stop it!

cathy said...

Well this explains a lot about rufus. Do you think she could be one of the aliens who abducted Dan?

I'm faithful but not regular at the moment due to my busy schedule:)

By the way I've tagged you:)