Friday, July 06, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

Waiting at the red light, Sheldon confronted himself, presented always in greytones, never fire engine red, never racer blue.
He smiled at his silhouette. What a fine set of spokes he had, water bottle ready, that comfortable saddle, soft as a cloud. Sheldon, always two dimensional and environmentally friendly and always, a shadow of himself.

This 55 is totally inspired by the photograph above, taken by a friend. Isn't it a cool shot?
(As RennyBA would say, taken from a NOKIA mobile phone, hey, does that guy get a cut from NOKIA everytime he mentions?)
Let me know if you played today, and I'll send the posse over!


barman said...

I played but used it to wish Top Cat a happy birthday. I guess it counts. Now did you actually beat G-Man to the punch. Congrats. Oh and love the picture/55. They do work very well together.

G-Man said...

No but YOU did Birthday Boy!!!

Hi Susie,
I really love your 55 with a pic...You Rock!!!
I'm Up!!..xoxoxox

Breazy said...

Hey Susie! How are ya? Great 55!

WDKY said...

I always confront myself whilst waiting at a red light, too :-)

Anonymous said...

susie this is soooooo good.
The image..the words.
You ARE da diva of 55.
(humbly bows)

snowelf said...

Oh yea. Total Diva. :)

Happy Friday Adorable West Coast Toe Goddess!

(I'm up too :))

Cha Cha said...

I LOVE the vibrant colour imagery and the mood and emotion the colours create within.

And I love the name Sheldon.

The pic is great.

I played!

I HAD a pic to go with mine...added after I wrote it though...but I couldn't get the pic to post for some reason so I am going to try and add it later when my comp isn't being quite an ass. For now, my 55 is pic-less. But, that is okay.

And now to go check-out other 55's....

Mwahahahahahahah.... Fun!

SignGurl said...

I love it, Susie!! So "colorful".

I played along today, also.

Mona said...

SUSIE! you are awesome! I love how sheldon prefers the gray to colourful. Isnt it like that, our life? Not black nor white, just plain gray!

lime said...

too cute and oh so clever.

Kelly said...

Thats great! It is so happy and carefree.

Snow White said...

Great story and inspiring photo.

I bit the bullet and gave it a shot. But go easy on me, I'm a 55 virgin!

morgetron said...

Hi Susie - I love your story. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies, *Stranger Than Fiction*. Have you seen it? Sheldon smacks of Harold Crick.

Mine is up.

I love this idea so much. It is such a challenge to pack it all into 55 words -- Talk about economy of language.


Anonymous said...

Artistic picture and very poetic!

Btw: No, I don't get a cut from Nokia, I'm just very, very dedicated so watch our next time I call you:-)

Have a great weekend!

Rick Rockhill said...

That is a awesome photo..I love bicycle wheels anyway...not sure why-all the spokes I guess.

stop by and say hi sometime~

Snow White said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'll play again... in fact, I just got through writing it! What can I say... I was inspired!