Friday, July 25, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday

This weekend is my 30th High School Reunion. Do you think anyone will recognize me?
This 55 is for every high school class of 1978, where ever you are!
Of course growing up in Southern California....might just seem like paradise to you!
Have a lovely weekend!
Surfer bangs
Puka shells and flip flops
Farrah Fawcetts red swimsuit poster
Freddy Mercury in his orange checkered jumpsuit
Star Wars
All day on the beach
Baby Oil and Iodine
Frisbees at Seal Beach with Larry
Spinning LPs in Steves room
Cochise and Venice Beach
Diane and me and
Triple cones at Thrifty


Melissa Russell said...

Awww how cute.. I think you'll be remembered by your smile alone kiddo. I haven't been to any of my reunions but I often wonder how life's treated most.

Have a great weekend.

Polt said...

wow....30 years. I just had my 20th two years times flies, eh?


Blissfully Wed said...


Anonymous said...

oh you are so cute! That smile has def stayed the years. You can add.. year mina was born on that list .. yikes!

xoxoxox mina

barman said...

I assume you are doing the reunion thing. Have a great time at it. I actually anjoyed mine.

Funny thing, when I was in High School I kinda liked this Freshman. She would have been in the same class as you ('78). I though this can't be good, just to many years different. Now, all these years latter I would only be 3 years her senior. Interesting what time does for you.

Fun look back on '78 and I had one of thpse Farah posters...

Have a great weekend S.

Sidewaysagain said...

I wonder if the Queen Mary has her full compliment of Life Boats?

I sure hope there's a full moon so we can see the icebergs in time.

I've also heard that the ship is haunted. Oh my!


G-Man said...

Yeah Baby!!!!
Thats My Susie...What a great trip down memory lane with that 55!!!
Thank You so much for visiting and playing..You Rock..xox

Mona said...

wow! Susie! That is a superbly beautiful you! Yes indeed we know it is you & you haven't changed much!

Wonderful memories!

RiverPoet said...

You looked extremely happy, and you and I graduated only 2 years apart. I enjoyed the references to those days. They were fun, weren't they?

Peace - D

Deepak Gopi said...

:)Oh 30 long years :)
In that pic you were very happy.

smarmoofus said...

Great walk down memory lane... Wow! 30 years? So you're going (you went)? You'll have to tell us all about it!

I missed my 10-year (I was just finishing up grad school, moving out of my apartment, preparing for the bar exam, etc... I was busy), but I might go to my 20th. Maybe. I'll decide when it gets closer to the time.


lime said...

oh i think there is no doubt they will know you! what a great picture. have a FAB time!

LisaPizza said...

We'll be dancin' and groovin' and movin' to the music together on the Queen Mary. Can't wait to see you in your little cocktail bubble dress!

You forgot the Candies and the gauchos, but maybe that was just for my class of '80.

C U soon

S said...

LOL Lisa
Gauchos yes, but the candies came after graduation...see you soon!

Anonymous said...

But of course they will recognise you from your crazy ideas and behaviour :lol:

Have a blast of a praty!

Logophile said...

The baby oil I've hear of, but iodine??
Hmmm, this class of 89 was all about the Hawaiian Tropics.
Ban de Sole is what all the rich, tan kids used.
We pale poor whiteys did the best we could with the cheap stuff.

Anonymous said...

MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...!!!!! lol ;) xxx

Mojo said...

Wow... we graduated in the same year.

Wish my senior pic had looked that good!