Sunday, July 06, 2008

Musical Monday

I'm recovering from heat wave and the farmers market. Mr Ratburn is in San Jo for the week. Little Rita and I will probably have to do some shopping. I probably won't do the dishes while he's gone, or clean the house either. Hee hee!
Have a good week.

This is a bit of live Joan Wasser from Warsaw just two weeks ago.


WDKY said...


I MM'd today too, in a manner of speaking. Still got those ribbons in your hair, Susie?

lime said...

i just got back late last night and came over to read you. sooooo glad to hear the terror dog is gone. sorry you had 2 weeks fo not knowing though. hope you and lil rita have a fun time! sorry about the shop going under too but glad you can still use etsy.

Breazy said...

I hope Mr. Ratburn has a safe trip. Go have some fun Mom/Daughter time!

Sidewaysagain said...

what's this about the shop going under? do tell.