Friday, July 18, 2008

Blair Witch Woods

It's just random weirdness. Mr Ratburn thought I oughta say that so you all don't think I'm just losing my marbles or something like that, ok? And besides, he wrote that Blackberry song about that part of our woods, so I could not help it.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


G-Man said...

This is making me seasick!!
Next time let little Hannah take the pics...
Or wait till after your ride to take out the garbage!!

Miss you Susie-Cue..xox

Anonymous said...

Which Witch?

Wishing the (witch) Blair family a great end to your week too!

Mona said...

Susie? You look happy anyway! :D

G man> its little Rita not little Hannah!

lime said...

lol, you guys are nuts but you have so much fun.