Monday, October 27, 2008

Mispelled Misspelled Words of Wisdom

Little Rita's birthday weekend was a smashing success. She and 7 of her girlfriends hung out over here on Saturday afternoon before being shuttled off to the movies to see Nightmare Before Christmas 3D version. Of course being the kid that I am, I had to go too! Problem is, as some of you know, I am amblyopic. Just means only one eye works. That makes the 3D thing a little odd for me. I had the strangest tugging sensation on my "bad eye" when I put on those glasses as that eye was trying it's dangdest to do the 3D experience.
Needless to say, things were not so 3D for me, but still it was fun sitting one row behind the girls, watching them devour three huge bags of popcorn, two bags of fun size candy bars and various beverages. Do you have any idea the noise that 8 girls can make while busily munching popcorn and unwrapping crackly caramel wrappers?
So that was totally fun, but while we're on the subject of food, let's back up here to the party before the movie. Now being that I have only one kid, and a skinny rail of one at that, I am never quite prepared for the volumes of foods these 12 and 13 year old girls can put away! Before the party the fridge was jampacked with cake, brie, schmears(!), strawberries, chocolate, ice cream, etc....and after, it was like Mother Hubbards cupboard, i'm tellin' you!
Simply amazing.
Little Rita loves her laptop. Now if her not so computer savvy parents can figure out this wifi thing, she'll be online in....well, soon as we can figure it out!
In other news, I had a fun day at the market. Did ok, not fantastic, but good. Mostly it was a beautiful 85 degree day and perfect for hanging out in our town square listening to some really fantastic Ghanan drummers and dancers too. We have a fairly sizable Ghanan community in our town, and they are just such wonderfully lovely people. Many are multi talented dancers, drummers, and basket weavers, and they really liven up our market!
After the market we had our annual meeting. I am the president so I hadda make uh speech! You know, funny thing, when people find out that I am the president of the board of the farmers market, they give me freee tomatoes and stuff. Quite a few people have asked me if I can get them a booth in the market. With a little coaching from Gary, I have learned to smile and say, "I am just an elected official." :P It works. We blame everything on the market manager, and afterall, she gets paid, and she really is the boss, so that's just the way it goes. The rest of us are just elected officials.
So now I have that lovely Monday morning feeling when the kid is at school, the hubby is too, and I am just here, hanging out with the cats. Ahhhhh! Nice. Time to pop open an icey coke and enjoy my space.
And now I will leave you with these misspelled words of wisdom left on a bench near my market booth and brought to you by some local punk rampant. Also notice upside down martian head. Cool.
Wishing you a lovely Monday!


Melissa Russell said...

Sounds like a fun weekend was afoot for all. Yes, girls can devour as much if not more than boys. It has something to do with hormones I think lol.... well that is what I was told.

Have a great Monday

barman said...

What did you expect. I think you saud choclate, right? Give the girls a few years and I am sure most of them will eat like rabbits.

WOw, one eye. So if you were to wear glasses that would make you a two eye, not a four eye like kids usually make fun of. You would outsmart them. I would think getting any kind of depth with mainly one eye would be difficult.

I have noticed how much noise I can make at the movies and I don't usually have noisy food. I can only imagine. So to enhance their 3D affect, did you thump any of them on the head or shoulders or maybe have something brush past like a feather? It could have been fun. :)

I like you line for the market people that say Wow, President. You could also say does your president, congress or locally elected people do anything for you? When they say no then ask why would they expect different of you? Silly people.

Wifi should not be to bad to set up. You guys will get if figured out. If not then just ask Litlle Rita.

Mojo said...

We come in peace! Really!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Rita - all the way from Norway!

What a great weekend and a blast of a party - must have been quite fun for the parents too :-)

lime said...

glad to hear it was such a great weekend. and if you think 12 yr old girls can pack it away come over sometime when i have a house of 13-15 yr old boys. lordy, it's like a swarm of locusts have moved through.

i have a friend who's a ghanaian drummer. way, way cool stuff. if they ever invite you to a full moon drum circle go! much fun, dancing, drumming, under the moon. good stuff.

G-Man said...


S said...

Aren't preteens sophisticated, Gman?

G-Man said...

No kidding Suze...We had Velveeta!

BTExpress said...

I was so skinny as a kid that they took me to the doctor to see if there was something wrong. Now look at me. :-(