Monday, October 13, 2008

Mona Monday

Hee hee! I couldnt resist, Monaji!
I will bet that Mona doesn't want to be VP of India even though she can see the Taj from her house!
In other news, had a fantastic weekend at the market. My fleece hoodys are selling very well this time of year, and so that is what I will be sewing this week as I am nearly sold out of them. Not complaining at all!
Sunny and very windy sky sent only one poor vendors canopy flying through the air! Man, I hate when that happens, because a bent by the wind canopy is a $200 disaster. People ran from everywhere trying to grab onto one of the four legs before one of them landed through a car window or someones head! After watching that disaster, this week I will be making some new sandbags.
All is well on the home front. Little Rita seems to have calmed down a bit. I suppose this is going to be a monthly mood swing freakout thing.....suppose? Know. We are women.
Have a lovely week!


Melissa Russell said...

Great job on the button, Mona is so pretty. The rites of womanhood have their moments don't they lol. Have a great day kiddo.

Mona said...


ROTFLMAO!!!! Susie! you are a genius! :D :D

Mojo said...

That's a fitting tribute to a wonderful lady... (and quite a looker too I might add!)

Personally I think our dear Monaji would make a fine President or PM. But that'll never happen... she's far too sensible and far too honest to ever be elected.

And can I just say I'm so glad I'm not you for the next... oh... 5 or 6 years? Thankfully most of the women my age are past all that now...

S said...

Thank you Missy! Yeah, I love my girl, but I have my seatbelt fastened and crash helmet on.

Thank you Mona! :P You would make a fine VP

Yes Mojo, imagine, perimenopause and puberty in same poor husband. That's what I get for waiting til my late 30s to have a kid.

barman said...

Oh how most excelent us that. You did Mona up proud. And might I say should I ever have a chance to elect Monaji to anything ... count me there. She is certainly a real cool, caring person with a heart of gold and one fine head on her sholders.

Loveing it Susie, simply loving it.

G-Man said...

Hey...I want a button!!

But Mona's is priceless!!!

And Susie-Cue, you are a genius!!

lime said...

LOL, funny button! i have to say i have not one iota of doubt that mona is immeasurably smarter than sarah. but still that is a funny funny button.

oh, i remember those hoodies. they were very cool. glad you're doing brisk business, though it does sound like sinking some profit into extra sandbags would be advisable.

BTExpress said...

Monthly mood swings is reason #34 that I'm glad I had a son.