Thursday, October 02, 2008

In Which We Ponder The Question, "WTF Is a Yurt Anyway?"

Three years ago we built our second yurt and it became our bedroom. It's totally cool and roundy inside, as I will show you later. But I have recently been asked the age old question, "WTF is a yurt?" What's that you say, Mojo, sir? Blog fodder?! Just what I needed. Hurray.
What The Fuck Is a Yurt by Susie

Just let me say, that erecting a yurt on a hillside, and then sleeping comfortably in there, now that has to be a challenge. Now I could go on and on about Mongolian yurts, gerts, gers or whatever you wanna call them, but you can learn more about those over at Wiki.
So if after those visuals you now know what a yurt is, and have work to do, you can go on!
Otherwise, I'm gonna keep going on about my yurt, OK?
Ya gotta get it right otherwise yer yurts gonna be crooked!

Don't let anyone ever tell ya you can't make a yurt, because dad gummit, ya can!
You can see yurt number one cum workshop cum storage outbuildin'in the background there. (haha Mona, that word always cracks me up!)
This picture gives you a pretty good idea of how I have to run across that deck (which I also built, thank you) in the middle of the night, through rain, snow, sleet, and skunk spray to get to the bathroom which thank fully is in the house. OK wait, now that I have my glasses on, I see that the deck hasnt been built yet, but you can see it in the last picture. Yes, I said skunk spray. Now that's another story but let me just sidetrack and say that last week OUR skunk (grrrr!) sprayed Oaty and then I picked her up...(ooh more blog fodder!)
We invited some friends over to "see our new yurt." Always make sure you invite friends that know how to make stuff, and share well. Just saying.
As you can see, it worked. The help has arrived just in time! So now let's jump to the finished product! Ta Da!

Now believe it or not, this post took me over an hour, so Mojo, you are gonna have to wait for part two, the inside of the yurt. That will give me more time to collect/edit "the bedroom" pictures. But I will tell you that a friend of ours once remarked that our yurt looked "just like the inside of an i dream of genie bottle!" Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it? Stay tuned.

Have a lovely day!

...Remembering Gandhiji...


Seamus said...

What an absolutely wonderful addition to your place.

Mojo said...

Yeah. That's what I thought it was *grin*

I'm on the East Coast (uh... the US East Coast) Susie. And at just moment I'm ready to nominate Joe Biden for a currency portrait.

G-Man said...

You need to be doing a 55 instead of backyard camping posts..

BTW...I'm up!

(I just love saying that)

S said...

There are 55 words, or more, Gman!
I shoulda known you'd be one of those, "Susie sleeps in a tent" types!

Joe Biden on a $2. bill? :P

Darkneuro said...

There's a place in... I believe it's Franklin NC that sells yurts. We drove by it on our tour of the BlueRidge Parkway. They had 5 or 6 in the yard. I want my own land to have a yurt.

Breazy said...

that is very nice Susie, I can't wait to see the inside.

lime said...

i knew what a yurt was but it is very cool to actually see yours. i am curious how much a yurt costs and how easy it is to make it weather tight. also did you run electricity to it and do you need to heat it? i dunno how cold it gets where you live. inquiring minds want to know.

i mean i know it gets damn cold in mongolia so there must be a way to keep it all toasty...aside from inviting livestock inside to cuddle up to.

S said...

Yes it gets cold in there in the winter unless you have a space heater, which works really well.

We have REAL electricity too!

In the summer it gets a bit warm but only in the daytime onthe hottest of day as it is NEVER hot at night here.

Mongolian yurts were tradionally covered in wool yak pelts which are incredibly warm and keep the place insulated.

We have never gotten so much as a drop of water leak into either yurt. As for snow and wind, they have special roof supports, tie downs for radical weather, but yes, with a wood stove, you could probably live in a yurt in the winter as long as you weren't hit by an avalanche or a huge tree fell on you.....

I dont know about a yurt in Pennsylvania. Your neighbors already think you're wierd! :P

AndyT13 said...

Hey toots! Long time no type!

Careful you don't get yurt!

Oh. Oh...I'm...I'm so sorry.

Great alternate Oz ending!

barman said...

I don't think I have the room for a yurt on my property unless...

The utility company has a bunch of land right next to me. A big pine tree came down on their property in April I think it was so there is a natural place for a yurt. It would be a little walk but I just might be able to pull it off!

Mona said...

Susie? Are you going camping?

We do have yurts here too! they really serve as nice offices!

Melissa Russell said...

Julia Roberts stayed in a Yurt and lived among some Mongolians a few years back I think.

I think it would be a great experience as long as I could bring my own food.

Oh yeah they didn't have bathrooms, you just pooped and peed wherever. :). It really was interesting, reading about that way of life.