Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thursday Portrait

Me and my martian which I purchased at the exploded heart music center in Seattle in April 2007.

Ok so it looks like I have a traveling partner for India this year, and I am completely stoked!
We are currently in planning mode and because we live 1000 miles apart, but want to fly to India together, are requiring some help from a travel agent. This is my very good pal whom I have known for 23 years. In fact, LR stayed with K and her family when Gary and I went to India in 2007.

And some of you might remember this HNT from a couple of years ago. This is K and I at a Grateful Dead show in, like, 1987 I'm guessing. I'm not gonna tell you what's in those balloons if'n ya don't already know, but I will tell you this, it made us reallllllyyyy smalllll! :P
Whoa! I gotta lay off these balloons!

So, yeah, looks like we will be purchasing some tickets within the next week or so, and I am completely excited to be bringing yet another very close pal with me to share India.
In other news, it has been raining for a week. Totally weird weather for Northern California in May, but we do need the rain so what the heck. Both of my markets were rained out last weekend and that sucked, but whatcha gonna do?
Then yesterday our water pump blew out on our well so I could really use a shower about now. We are currently waiting for a new pump to be installed. Thankfully, I am a renter so I don't have to use any of my India funds to pay for the pump!
There are just about 4 weeks of school left and then this house will be bursting at the seams with Mr Ratburn, Little Rita and her pals who like to hang out here because LR's mom is cool and makes a mean mac n cheese. (Just kidding about that, I just make the box kind. Teenage girls tend to eat you out of house and home though so I'd better stock up on some snacks asap.)
And Mr Ratburns birthday is coming up, so I will show you what I got him if you don't tell.
If you are reading this Mr R, dont you dare click on this link!
Other than that, my online store is doing swell, and my market store will do swell as soon as this rain stops.
And one more thing, I just wanna say that Facebook is totally boring compared to the creativity allowed in blogging, even if I am down to three readers or less, and I am not about to become a twitterer because I don't text. Such a tremendous waste of time, I hate to read about those poor parents getting texting bills in the thousands of dollars. LR is never going to do that as long as I am paying the phone bills, and it just makes me ill to think about the amount of time spent texting when kids ought to be doing homework, or playing outside, even!

All is well in No Cal, hope you all are too!
Have a lovely day!


furiousBall said...

i love that the martian is perfectly deflated enough to look like he's laying his head comfortably back on your shoulder

Unknown said...

How'd he get there? I just saw Martian in Roswell! :)

13messages said...

Little green men are the grooviest. As are you. :)

lime said...

glad you found a travel buddy for the next india trip. i can't even imagine the trouble the two of you might kick up ;)

Dr.John said...

I will never give up blogging.
Wow! A trip to India. That sounds so exciting.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to know your trip is coming together! :) Awesome!!!

Summer and a full house?? sounds like you're in your stride! :)

G-Man said...

You bought Ratburn a New Lexus?

I've always said that was THE luckiest bastard on the planet!!!

And BTW...It didn't look like there was much behind those balloons Susie

S said...

Yes, Furious, my Martian does love me. Should I feel bad that he is lying in my storage yurt neglected and 90% deflated?

Martians are everywhere, Seamus!

Thanks, Mike, I am glad I'm not green though.

Let's put it this way Lime, there will be LOTS of drinkin'!

And my 7th trip to India, Dr John! I'm glad you will never give up blogging, that way I'll always have at least one blog to read.(and Limes blog makes two)

Yes Soli, I am happy today!! Waiting for the travel agent to call as we speak.

I am wearing a bikini top, Gman, in that picture. I was only 27, and still allowed to dress that way!

RennyBA said...

You blew my mind off with that first picture!

Thanks for taking us with down your memory line!

Happy Weekend and Mothers Day :-)

Mona said...

Happy Mother's day to you Susie!