Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bookish Two Headed Leader

When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met in Washington this week with President Barack Obama, the White House lavished attention on the unassuming, bookish Indian leader. There was a state dinner. There were movie stars. There was a chandelier-filled tent packed with powerful Americans chatting up powerful Indians. There was talk that the two nations had forged "one of the defining relationships" of the century.
(There was a party crashin' couple sportin a red saree and a tuxedo.....)

Main Entry: book·ish
Pronunciation: \ˈb-kish\
Function: adjective
Date: 1566

1 a : of or relating to books b : fond of books and reading
2 a : inclined to rely on book knowledge b of words : literary and formal as opposed to colloquial and informal c : given to literary or scholarly pursuits; also : affectedly learned

book·ish·ly adverb

book·ish·ness noun


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lime said...

yeah, what was UP with the crashers?