Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hard Not To Love Ellen

Two very cool American Express commercials that I am currently loving. Almost makes me want to get a card myself. They are not new but new to me. I'm not getting a kick back from the card people.

Have a lovely day!


mina said...

Ellen's commercial hits home for me... let's just say, she'd be jealous of me. Shhhh.... ;)

Pseudo said...

Wandered over from G man. To learn about flash fiction, but found so much more. Wonderful blog. Loved the American Express commercial.

Maude Lynn said...

I love that second one!

G-Man said...

It just cracks me up to see Mama Zen commenting on your blog.
I've never seen you on hers.
Have you even been to Oklahoma Susie?
Do you guys know each other?
Has she ever bought any Indian themed garb from you?
Has she ever been to Cali?
Are you guys related?

Anyway....Pseudonymous High School Teacher said she wandered over from my place?
She has never commented on my blog!
This is all very spooky Suzay-Cue!

And another thing, didn't you say that you wuz gonna start doing a Thursday Portrait with an early 55?
I know you can do one...you are actually Great at them...I remember!


G-Man said...

Have I ever said anything that suggested a bizarre fascination with your perfectly perky tootsies?
I'll be waiting for the 55.....

lime said...

there's a llama in the first one! how can we NOT love it???