Monday, April 17, 2006

Little Rita Reviews Susiestheboss New Super Stylee!

Mr Ratburn is out of town so Little Rita and I did the Easter egg hunt thing today and then went on an outdoor adventure. Later on, I asked her opinion on my new blog design and here is what she said:

S: Happy Easter Little Rita, did you get some good stuff today?

LR: Yeah

S: Got any chocolate?

LR: Of course..

S: Hand it over then!

Hey! this is a marble egg sculpture, I got ripped off here!

Hey mom! I noticed your blog is ugly now, what happened?
Did it explode?

S: Uh, thanks, Little Rita, that's my new blog design. I really wanted to get rid of the pink because I'm not really into pink as you know.

LR: I hated the pink too, but I dont like the white either....

S: Well then, do you like my new profile picture?

LR: Uh! That is like the worst picture I ever saw. Who would like to put a shoe in their mouth?Not me!

S: But you did for......

LR: Yeah, but I was forced to....

I wish you woulda made it yellow, it would look much better.

S: LR, What do you think about my thank you joke?

...but most of all i would ike to thank Charles for repeatedly climbing in my sock drawer and taking a piss.

LR: I dont get it, mommy.

S: Do you like my Easter posts, LR?

LR: Whatever!

S: Do you have anything to say to my 5 readers to wish them a Happy Easter?

LR: Please dont read my moms posts they're very boring.

S: Ok, Little Rita, what do you think about my 55 fiction?

LR: Uh I think it's stupid. I think Jeff shouldn't treat a lady like that.
(hear that guys, never bump a lady off of your bicycle)

S: Last week I did a really special HNT for your dads and my anniversary. What do you think of those pictures of me?

LR: Ew gross!!

S: Is there anything you'd like to add or suggest?

LR: Go away and leave me alone!

S: Come on, Little Rita!

LR: Uh, change the color.

S: Thank you for that input. Anything else?

LR: I'm eating my chocolate bunny I can't talk.

S: Which part of the bunny do you eat first, LR?

LR: The ears! Now stop interviewing me, i'm eating.

C'mon mom let's go, stop doing that blogs thing! It's dumb!

Erm, I hope you will all find my blog more to your liking!


Logophile said...

I love the new look, AND the profile pic.
Flash fiction is genius and clearly those are among the best pics ever taken in the Sonoma Valley...EVAH.
Lil Rita is clearly in a sugar haze.
BTW, get better soon, Little Rita, I have had that before not so fun. Oh, and be nice to your mom for a while for me, eh? I would do it but I am too far away.

Grimstarr said...

Yes Suse, as in so many other ways, you did inspire me. This time to change my blog. Seriously, I started working on it right after I saw the changes in yours. I am not done tinkering around with it yet. Hey, I can help you out with that light yellow background ... but so can Snavy I'm sure. That is an easy fix. Just let me know. Love the new look and the new profile pic that is strangely arousing. LOL Later doll.

BTExpress said...

LMAO. Kids can be so precious, can't they.

The Village Idiot said...

Ahhh what do kids know. The blog looks great

Now, I should probablly change mine but being artistic takes talent and I have none..

Oh and nice shoes..wanna? txkgu

Hobbes said...

My daughter is similarly supportive and encouraging.
I miss the naked people.

Solitaire said...

Ah yes, the wonderful mind of our children... it's amazing their perception and opinion.

I hope you had a Happy Easter!

PS: I like you blog and I enjoy reading it very much!

Pirate said...

tell her her mother has great taste. I love the new picture and the lack of pink.

Stephanie said...

pfft - kids!!

Anonymous said...

haha :)

Ummm High. I like them eyebawls :)

Amber said...

your interview with little rita cracked me up, how cute