Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dont Work Too Hard Now!

Ah, Labor Day......I have to work so much this weekend! LOL I think I can handle it as long as it doesn't make it up to the scorching temps predicted. I hope you all have a relaxing wonderful time with your families.
Mike has written the coolest Labor Day 55, so I have linked it if you wanna go over and see it.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


WDKY said...

Bollocks. I'll be working tomorrow, and it's a normal Monday over here too.

Mind you, we get MUCH more by way of holidays than you do, AND we have a Royal Family ;-)

lime said...

have a good one susie!

Lucy Dee said...

I am strange, and fun....

Great, we'll have a lot in common. I'm a female standup comedienne blogging her way to stardom. Feel free to drop by and leave a "strange and fun" comment.

By the way, since you're so strange, have you ever considered standup comedy?

G-Man said...

Yeah Susie..
Have you ever considered Stand-Up...?
Don't work too hard sweetie..xoxox

WDKY said...

What's up with these frigging posts that keep disappearing???