Thursday, September 20, 2007

No Mom Jeans For Me HNT

Last week I posted that SNL Mom Jeans spoof, and so Lime and I got the idea to do our own jeans post. Now this isn't my first jeans HNT, you can see that one here,
OK, so as most of us know, finding pants off the rack to fit perfectly is quite a challenge. So im gonna model my favorite pair of pants for you right now that actually kind of fit me well, and dont make my butt look fat.

Why am I modeling my favorite pants in a sunflower field? Why not?

Notice how there is ample hip room, thereby avoiding the "muffin top" look that is so charmingly overdone in these sort of pants today.
Notice they are not prefaded, preworn, preripped, pretorn, but they were however prewashed and preshrunk, thank you very much!
You know what else? They have a 2" zipper, Lime! I'm not showing that part because Mr Ratburn said it wouldn't be polite.
Oh what? You say they are not jeans at all? Yeah, I know. This year, the fashion industry has slowed up on the ripped and faded and have gone all out with the skinny jeans, meaning unless your thighs measure less than 12", these jeans are not going to fit you, mom!
Perhaps I'll get a new pair of jeans next year....

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, thanks, Logo for the NO VPL action!
Happy HNT, Everyone!


Mark Leslie said...

You go with those jeans! :) (hey, I fondly remember that 501 jeans post)

Okay, Susie, one of your archive photos made it into the Toyland storyline this week -- it's a rolling on

figleaf said...

OMG, I just realized it's way more colorful when I scroll down. Wow!

Nice day for revelations. I think I'm getting the better end of the deal than you, Susie. You look much nicer.

Happy HNT,


tkkerouac said...

Thats a hot fitting pair of jeans, nothing like wearing that "perfect fit"
Great post!

Logophile said...

Do I have good taste or what?
*eyelash flutter eyelash flutter*
Nice pants, madam

lime said...

rock em, girl. no mom jeans for us! looking good!


Bsoholic said...

Thats a huge sunflower patch you are in there! LOL

Everyone has their favorite jeans. It's like one of the best things in life. Comfy jeans and a night on the town. What could be better?

lol - happy HNT

barman said...

I do not know about jeans but those pants sure look good on you. Although I must admit, I have no taste ... I enjoy an occasion VPL ... I know, bad Barman.

I know about favorite jeans. I once had a pair I loved for one reason or another. I finally had to put it down when there were some pretty obscene holes in the cheek area.

Great HNT.

Bad Bad Girl said...

Jeans that fit perfectly, off the rack?? I think that is an urban legend!

Blissfully Wed said...

Scrolling down has its rewards. I love that last pic.


~d said...

I (whoa!)
missed the original posting of the 501's! Gurrl! Your body can rock ANY jeans!
Happy HNT!

Cosima said...

Yeah, just right for you! Looking good!

Happy HNT!

G-Man said...

Love the fit!!!
Love the Ass!!!
Love the Wearer!!

Shibari said...

stripes rock... and great pic.

rob said...

Nice strides, and good use of photoshop ;)

WDKY said...

That ass looks good enough to BITE!!! Hard!!!!!

(Excuse me.)

Happy HNT x

Anonymous said...

Very very nice, you still have the body of a 20 year old.:)

Mona said...

LOL! I LOVE the joint HNT idea.
Lime & you look great as usual.

I love the sunflower field!

Polt said...

Its no easier for a fat man to buy jeans off the rack. I have to go to a fat man's store just to find some that fit.

Never worn them so my undies showed, though. That's something no one wants to see.


Lapis Ruber said...

Great Pic. Love the sunflowers, Oh and the jeans as well of course. Happy HNT

Lil Bit said...

Yarrr, no mommy jeans here!!
Looking FABULOUS in that field of sunflowers! =)


~d said...

Aren't you just the sweetest! I love love love the comment you left (for me!)
I do try to read (b/c I do intend to leave a comment!)

I feel this silly kind of pleased that (someone) has noticed. You have made my day. Thank you.

Mina Lamieux said...

Very nice! HHNT!

jillie said...

HAHA...that's a great photo and I hear you on the skinny jean. MY ASS! HA! lol

Jeans or not...I like you look great in them!

HHNT to ya ;o)

~Tim said...

You and Lime make great collaborators!


Stealth said...

oooo I love the second one!!!! You have great jeans..are those some of the new...



BTExpress said...

The jeans fit you perfectly, no pantie lines. Love your undies too. Happy HNT!

barman said...

Hey, I know it is a little early but my 55 is up. Hope you get a chance to play this week. I noticed the G-man is up too. His 55 that is.

G-Man said...

Hehehehe...Thanks Bryan!
Susie-Cue...He's right you know, on both counts!

TUG said...

I saw the grilled cheese link as well :) You picked my favorite flower for you picture, how lovely. HHNT!

Keyser Soze said...

Both shots = awesome but I need a grille dhceese! HUNGRY! HHNT!
Bad diet!

Anonymous said...

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