Sunday, September 02, 2007

He Believes In Beauty & Who's Afraid Of Askinstoo?

Well, well, would you look at that? WDKY's gone and fussed with his legs! Looking good, sir, sorta reminds me of Pepto a little tho.....Now, it's Musical Monday, but, I also have to leave this word veri complaint up because you know, this is a problem, so I'm doing both.
I hadn't picked out a tune for today...but when I headed over to WDKY's today, I discovered Bjork! You know I like that gal, so I thought, why not post a Bjork tune today as well?
I have already posted a video of Bjork frying and burning her eggs while singing Venus As A Boy..(remember that?)..and this is a live version of same song... I just love it! Then, I chose Isobel, another Bjork tune, because someone requested it. Bjork looks like she's about 15 in this video!
What a little Sugar Cube!

Venus As A Boy (live)

So there ya have it, as we used to say in Trivia Madness, Bjork, the other white meat.
I hate word veri!
If I added up all the seconds used typing word veri, getting it wrong, retyping, commenting, passwords, etc....
Really I have had just about enough, people! Why are you all so afraid of askinstoo anyway?

If I didn't have to suffer through word verification, I might actually make some blogs today.....just sayin...


WDKY said...

I LOVE that photo!!!

And I'm with you on the word veri thing... have you noticed that the more careful you are the more likely you are to get it wrong?

No? I guess it's just me, then ;-)

WDKY said...

As for the (mysteriously appearing, all of the sudden) Musical Monday...

1) My legs look gorgeous.
2) Bjork looks gorgeous.
3) The music's gorgeous.

All in all, then...


lime said...

sorry, i had word veri because i got tired of spammers.'s just fun to say and when you string it together like that it sounds like the swedish chef :P

M said...

how CUTE is she? I once knew a girl who looked very much like Bjork, she was a bit quirky like her too.

That live version is awesome.

G-Man said...

Nice Kitty Kat!!
...I bet you thought..hehehe never mind..xox