Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Musical Monday

Nice legs, T.
Oh really? It is? Tuesday? Oh....
Today I become an official volleyball mom...no minivan. In fact, I dont even know how to play volleyball. I was always that kid left on the bench. (unless we're talking about ballet, then well, lace em on and get over here and pirouette with me!)
I hated PE....sigh....

Ok so I just had to share this Rufus video with you because it's such a fun one, only I cannot embed the video here so just follow the link. The song is called APRIL FOOLS, and in it we have Rufus romping through the streets of Silverlake with five opera divas. Rufus is quite the opera diva himself, in fact. Thank you Logo for helping me figure out who they were. Watch the video and see if you can identify all five. Ok I know you're tired of Rufus, but this one is too much fun!

PS Oh! Almost forgot....Gewn Stefani and Melissa Auf der Maur also have cameos in this video...see if you can find them. (I needed help with that too, Rufus is so distracting.)
And for those of you that like it harder, louder, faster, weirder.....


Logophile said...

Thank you Susie, for distracting me from all the fun around here.

jillie said...

I tried to watch it twice and couldn't find Gwen. However, there was a blonde in the back of the crowd earlier in the video? Maybe that was Gwen? Who knows but that's a great video. For me? Give me Alice in Chains ANYDAY!!!

snowelf said...

My daughter LOVES Gwen Stefani. I am going to see if she can pick her out tomorrow since she's already tucked into bed. ;)


LisaPizza said...

Soccer moms have minivans. I think volleyball moms have jetpacks. Does this mean LR is playing v-ball in GAA or a league? Good for her. I loved v-ball in school, on the beach or at a yard party. We play v-ball with our own "Spauding" a la Castaway ball.

Gweneth Rocks!

It's been 3 months since I've posted, so I'm warming up here by leaving this comment. Tune in for my HNT.

BTW, Happy Fall. Pumpkins are everywhere all of a sudden. Do you have any in your garden this year?

Unknown said...

If you were a beach volleyball mom you could have a Jeep or a Woody!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but knowing you've also starts to handle the (volley) ball is 'hard' enough for me.

Btw: I don't understand how they could left you on the bench - I mean you could always distracts the opponents !?!

G-Man said...

I was feeling sort of guilty until I realized I did not miss much!!
Love Ya Suze!!!

Little Wing said...

NO, no no! Soccer moms AND Volleyball moms have SUV's!
When the volleyball moms get to the beach they just park in the parking lot!

WDKY said...

It's true. They're great legs.

Rufus? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

(Happy MM x)