Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two Little Cats Went On A Spree!!!

Today I join Lime steal Lime's idea in celebrating 40 years of Sesame Street. Here are my favorite Ses. Videos. I hope you will enjoy them. I was 8 years old when Sesame Street came on tv, but I had just moved to California from Alaska, and after 3 years of no tv, I devoured Sesame Street.
If I have learned anything at all from Sesame Street, it is this.

You gotta put down the ducky if you wanna play the saxaphone!

Happy Birthday, Sesame Street!

In other news, I have worked super hard this year and I am so ready for a break. I am practically packed already!
Have a great day!


RennyBA's Terella said...

The first to comment you? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Happy Sesame Street BD!

Anonymous said...

hellooooo...!!! i am Vincent Twice, Vincent Twice....heheheheheheh...!!!

actually, my childhood hero WAS the Cookie Monster...COOOKKKIIIEEEEEEEE...!!!!chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp...!!!! ;) xxx

lime said...

oh i loved the dollhouse one when i was little! the alligator king was fun too. for some reason i am nto able to see the other 2. thanks for joining the fun and sorry i am late getting here.