Thursday, December 14, 2006

Chalukya Ahoy!

I am here!!! How can I make a post without visuals? It's just not heard of on Susies The Boss! Well it will have to do!
I am in Bangalore its 85 and very humid sunny, noisy and vibrant!
More later.....Indian keyboards are very sticky! Take care, bloggy peeps!


Anonymous said...

SQ, So glad to hear you've arrived in one piece. After all that travel, you finally check into your hotel, and what next? What have you most been looking forward to doing a la India?

M ^ ^ M
( *V* )
( U )
---- This is my attempt at an illustration sans clip art, nor jpeg. He's my pal Sydney and he's very happy, but also a bit surprised to hear from you so soon.

Looking forward to more India 411. Ciao for now, LP

lime said...

glad you're there safe and sound! i'll host friday 55 today like you asked. hey, your entry is 50 words!

~art said...

sticky keyboards? Never mind I really rather not know. Glad you made it safely. peace~art

Anonymous said...

During the blogweekend at RennyBA's vaction home in Sweden we talked about you and your yearly trips to India. And now you are there. Must be fantastic. Looking forward to many India-postings, in spite of the keyboards.

Anonymous said...

yay suse...!!! glad you got there ok...!!! you just HAD to mention the weather didn't you...???!!! ;) :P

here, it's gun-metal skies and persistent drizzle, worse than miserable...cheer me up with what you've been doing soon huh...??? xxx

Anonymous said...

Good un Susie. But keyboards are sticky in many places, wait...sorry no only in places where geeky nerds download porn excessively...Is Bangalore full of geeky nerds?!

Anonymous said...

Oh. BTW it's 32° here and I went to the beach ( just 3 minutes walk away from my house) this morning.


Logophile said...

I've got rain and high winds here.
NO power from time to time too!!

Breazy said...

YAY!! I am glad to hear you made it okay. Can't wait to hear from you again. Have a great time and when you get back home you will have a small something for Christmas all the way from East Tennessee waiting on you !

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Congrads on the travelling Ms Susie!!

jillie said...

You made it! Ewwww...I don't even want to know what's on those keyboards...all I can say is this:


Can't wait to see pics when you get safe and have fun

Stephanie said...

Sticky?? Why???

Gary said...

Sticky keyboards? Maybe it is the chutney. :)

Have lots of fun.